Living With Art - Lisa & Richard Perry's Contemporary Art Collection

Lisa Perry, the 60's era pop fashion designer not only dresses, designs and passionately collects clothes from that period, the sumptuous showcase penthouse apartment at 1 Sutton Place South she shares with her husband Richard, is also dedicated to the swinging 60's.  I had a delightful visit to view their art collection last summer with the Perez Art Museum Miami.  

Walking into this very stately co-op, built in 1926 by the renowned architect, Rosario Candela located on quiet, sedate Sutton Place is a big departure from the dazzling white lacquer floors and walls of the atrium where the elevator opens on the penthouse level.   All the blue chip pop artists that are practically household names, including Roy Litchenstein, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Jeff Koons and Takashi Murakami with their punchy primary colors are well represented here.  

I'm always interested in how people are living with art, the Perry's home is virtually a gallery and yet they live with their family and no room or area is off limits.  Before my visit I would have said I'd find it difficult to be living with art day to day with such a kaleidoscope of colors, however if there's an abundance of natural light, preferably with South-East views and the background of the walls and floors are white to offset the artwork and counterbalance all the color, that would keep the sensory overload in check.  Also, I noticed that the family rooms like the bedrooms, media room, library and offices were carpeted wall to wall making those spaces cozier and calmer.  

The kitchen by contrast was almost clinical with stainless counter-tops and minimalist cabinets. Before it became a show-stopping penthouse it was a former school complete with dark panelling and two ballrooms that was transformed by interior designer, Tony Ingrao and architect David Piscuskas in 2002.