Stylish Dining - Classic and Contemporary Tableware Part ll

At the other end of the style spectrum, the German porcelain company, Furstenberg founded by Charles, Duke of Brunswick in 1747, has just launched a very contemporary line of porcelain tableware.  With only a few dozen employees each is a master of his craft, handcrafting and painting each piece.  

The Claire de Lune collection, which means moonlight, is part of the Aureole line consisting of a celestial pattern with different phases of the moon on each piece in black, white and 24-Karat gold created by the famous Korean porcelain master, Kap-sun.  I love the purity of design and the mystical romance surrounding this tableware. 

Furstenberg's Aureole line which has three other collections, marries both modern Europen craftsmanship and timeless Asian porcelain tradition and this collection has been awarded by the internally renowned design group Red Dot "Honourable" Mention this year for its beautiful and outstanding design.