Glamorous Living - The Perfect Bar Cabinet

Some of us are in the camp of the open display bar cart, while others prefer the bar cabinet with everything hidden from view behind closed doors - I’m definitely in the latter camp. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect bar cabinet for one of my interior design clients who didn't want a custom piece, and found several great options. Photos of some of my favorite designs are below.

As Tim McKeough remarks in his NYT shopping for bar cabinets article “…when it comes to entertaining, a well stocked bar cabinet can be useful for both hosts and guests.” On the face of it it seems like an over-the-top luxury, however having the first drink served to you by the host and thereafter mixing your own drink or pouring an aperitif from a well appointed bar adds to the conviviality of the occasion. Freed from bartending duties, the host can instead socialize with their guests.

When shopping for a bar cabinet make sure there are enough shelves to sit and hang glassware, liquor bottles, mixing paraphernalia and cubby storage for wine and/or champagne to rest on their side. If you’re taking it to another level with a custom piece, consider a convenient stone pull-out shelf, a mini-fridge and an ice-maker to minimize return trips to the kitchen.

The sophisticated bar cabinet’s form and function is a glamorous addition to any living room.