Interior Design - Achieving a Five-Star Bedroom

A couple of my current projects are at the point where it's time to decorate the bedrooms.  it's the room where I like to indulge in all the creature comforts, along with adding lots of texture, shimmer, crystal and mirrored finishes.  Layering is the technique that elevates a bedroom from ho-hum to a Five-star hotel-like experience.  

Beginning with the bed, this includes using the best sheets that your budget can accommodate, adding a lightweight coverlet/blanket and a folded comforter at the foot of the bed.  I recommend two pairs of pillows at least, stacked one on the other for a minimalist-zen vibe.   Find your favorite pillow layout from OneKingsLane

Hanging a pair of crystal lamps above the bedside cabinets is a creative alternative to standard table lamps or sconces.  Another layer and additional source of light can be had with a chandelier or crystal pendant light instead of recessed lights.  Dressing the windows with floor-length drapes and sheers and/or shades adds yet another soothing layer.  An area rug adds the final touch of luxe.  

Here are several beautifully decorated bedrooms from LuxDeco for additional inspiration.  Note the soothing neutral color palettes and seating arrangements, either in front of the bed or off to the side, whatever your space can accommodate.