Living with Art - Andy Spade At Home With Art

Andy & Kate Spade are currently auctioning off contents from their recently sold Southampton Beach house via Paddle 8, the online auction house. I came across photos of their Manhattan pre-war apartment on the Habitually Chic blog and the thing that struck me is the size of their art collection and their apparent passion for collecting in a very eclectic way.  On every available wall hangs at least one artwork and with smaller pieces they hang salon-style.  Certainly gave me inspiration hanging artwork for my clients.

Interior designer Steven Sclaroff, incorporated boldly patterned fabrics,  a deep red paint wall finish and black & white checkerboard kitchen floors.  An abundance of black details throughout helps anchor the rooms.  

For me, it's all a bit too busy, however I do appreciate how well Andy & Kate Spade are able to showcase their collections. The apartment maintains a typical Park Avenue elegance and they've surrounded themselves with what they love.  When it's time to let certain things go, Andy Spade's preference is to send everything to auction rather than hide them away in storage - "I don't like not displaying works, so I'm trying to get them out in the world."  I agree...