Elegant Dressing - Fall Trends 2015

Browsing through the fashion websites, magazines and stores, the Fall Trends to me seem to comprise of the following:  Rich textured fabrics of paisley, brocade, jacquard and tweed; scarf-tie at the neck blouses (haven't worn one of those in forever!) and lots of black, especially sheer lace - Valentino Couture in particular feels Noir Victorian/Game of Thrones inspired.  

Black has emerged as this season's dominant color just in time for me to replenish my wardrobe, as a couple of years ago I decided to stop wearing black altogether during the winter...blasphemy I know.  In New York the tendency is to have an extensive black wardrobe, but after wearing it religiously for many years, I finally decided to stop and move onto color.  Then the other day I needed black pants and a top for an evening event and noticed that color was conspicuously absent.  So this season it's back to black, preferably with some lace or brocade details, and after not wearing it for awhile I'm kinda excited to be stepping out in black again. 

Photographs from Style.com