Elegant Dressing - Blooming Spring

Spring has finally sprung and blooming spring florals are everywhere!  Minimalism for now is seen in the distance of our rearview mirror.  Typically I'm not one to wear big floral prints however, I've seen such delightful styles this season that I'm willing to at least try some things on.  Dolce & Gabbana caught my eye because they have such a romantic point of view and their clothes are exquisitely made.  The combination of red and black along with richly intricate embroideries and hair ornamentations, enhance their definition of Italy's la dolce vita.  

Carolina Herrera went in another direction, focusing more on a single big floral print, repeated in both literal and abstract forms.  Her signature style is highly sophisticated and chic and these outfits are very wearable. I love Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry, particularly their floral designs which are timeless and there are pieces to fit every occasion.  In fact the VC & A jewelry would work well with both above-mentioned fashion collections.