Elegant Dressing - Givenchy & Dior Fall/Winter 2015

Although on the East Coast it's still arctic, I'm daydreaming about this spring's fashions and the look that's resonating for me is the tailored coat and gilet.  Designed to be worn as part of the overall outfit, at Givenchy it's downright rocker-chick sexy.  The workmanship is practically haute couture with highly detailed black and white latticed jackets and elaborate embroidery of whipstitching and filigree.  

Dior's court coats and gilets were shown with silk quilted Bermuda shorts for a somewhat  informal effect, but with no less attention to beautiful embroidery details. Dior referenced an 18th-century court coat, as Style.com eloquently expressed, "evoked the historicism of Christian Dior's original Bar silhouette.  Fashion present floats on an ocean of fashion past; Simons simply chose to ride the time machine a little further back."  When I first saw the shorts with the coats I found it quite jarring, but now my eyes have adjusted to the new proportions I appreciate how the silhouette makes the coat and gilet fresh and contemporary.