What I'm Reading Right Now - Carolyn Roehm: at Home in the Garden

I have been following the forever chic Carolyne Roehm for the last three decades, when she began her career as a fashion designer with Oscar de la Renta, her mentor for 10 years.  She went on to establish her namesake fashion company in 1984 and also served as president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America.  

Carolyne's enduring passions however are in the worlds of gardening, entertaining and interior design.  Considered one of the leading style icons of our generation, Carolyne creates glamorous environments with her homes as back-drop for gracious living in grand style.  Her interior decorating style is of a classical sensibility, which includes chinoiserie, 18th century French furniture and a palette of blue, white, green and pops of red.  

Carolyne has written 12 books and her most recent, at Home in the Garden showcases yet another gift - exquisite watercolor illustrations of flower and fauna rendered with a fastidious attention to detail.  When asked why this particular book, she reasons that "...I wanted to write something from a pulled back perspective that covered seasons, flowers, plants and showed Weatherstone as greater than the sum of its parts..."  At this, Carolyne certainly succeeded and we can all appreciate Weatherstone's beauty, inside and out!

Photos from La Dolce Vita Blog