Glamorous Living - Baccarat Hotel

Whenever I think the bar can't possibly go any higher in the world of luxurious hotels, I come across yet another out of this world establishment. I attended a private event at the recently opened trés elegant Baccarat Hotel on West 53rd Street, across from the Museum of Modern Art.  The hotel was designed with exquisite execution by the Paris-based design team, Gilles & Boissier, in what appears to be a no-expense-spared endeavor.  

I love chandeliers, particularly Baccarat's grand multi-faceted crystal beauties that have been in production since 1764. Reproductions of original designs and more contemporary interpretations hang individually and in groups throughout the public spaces of the main floor.  Gilles & Boissier designed all the furniture and lavishly decorated the facade, lounges areas, bar and hallways with an abundance of luxe shimmering, reflective and mirrored surfaces.  Every so often I get a client who is inspired by a hotel they stayed in, and I can definitely see translating some of these ideas to a residential project.

There are some compelling reasons to check out Baccarat Hotel, including viewing the impressive art collection spanning the last two hundred years acquired specifically for the hotel by Frédéric Chambre, a Parisian art connoisseur.  Michelin star Executive Chef Shea Gallante oversees Chevalier, the Parisian brasserie and last, but not least is Spa de la Mer, which I'm planning to visit and will be sure to share with you that experience!

Photos from Habitually Chic Blog