Stylish Dining - Valentino's Jet-Set Life

I'm a little fixated on Valentino Garavani at the moment.  When I think about who embodies a truly sumptuous and exclusive lifestyle, Valentino is the first name that pops up.  His is a world enjoyed with a very small, wealthy group of mostly European jet-setting friends, traveling the world according to where is in season when.  With homes in London, Paris, New York, a private jet and a yacht - he lives very well indeed.  "At The Emperor's Table," Valentino's coffee table book gives us a peek into his beyond fabulous life and the inspiration to incorporate some small segment of it into our own lives.  

Valentino even shares some recipes. Of course he doesn't actually cook, he has a chef for that, but I found it very interesting to see some of the dishes he (meaning his chef, butlers, footmen, etc.) serves at those lunches and dinners.  Often the dishes are very simple and in stark contrast, the intricate and elaborate table-scapes of limoges, crystal, linens and florals decorating the tables make the occasion as much a feast for the eyes as the food for the palate.  Thanks for sharing, Mr Garavani!