Interior Design - Elements for Creating a Luxurious Bedroom

As mentioned in earlier posts, I could happily live in a hotel.  The best hotel rooms are furnished for comfort, relaxation and indulgence.  To attain a similar level of style and comfort at home, a bedroom with a queen or king bed should include a pair of table lamps to read by comfortably, a pair of nightstands with a surface large enough to hold a book or two, reading glasses, a tray for jewelry/change/pillbox/water-glass. On the bed a pair of pillows that are decorative and a pair that are functional. 

If there's enough space at the foot of the bed, place a bench or small settee, as it's always nice to sit somewhere other than on the bed. Any of the pillows you're not sleeping with can also rest here. An area rug, or wall-to-wall carpeting adds an additional luxe layer, particularly in colder climates.  Nothing beats freshly ironed sheets, but if that's not alway possible or practical, iron just the pillow cases and the top sheet.  Trust me, it makes a difference to the look and feel of the bed. 

Some of this may sound elementary, however I've stayed in many a bedroom where one or more of these elements were missing and it definitely made a difference to how comfortable the experience was.