Elegant Dressing - Holiday Style

It's the holiday season with invitations to all manner of events, some formal, some not so much.    What to wear that looks sufficiently festive and can the outfit(s) be worn to more than one event?  These are the questions I ponder as I look through my closet. The very good news is that the sales have begun and most things from the Fall/Winter season are now on sale.  Looking through the clothing lines of some of the designers, one that I feel strikes just the right note is from Diane Von Furstenberg.  She has beautiful velvet dresses, skirts and pants. And, I'm really loving her evening coats and jackets too - it all looks so chic and grown up.  For the more formal events Oscar de la Renta has some exquisite dresses with tulle, lace and embroidery details.  I also included a dress from Burberry because I love the low-key elegant statement of the lace overskirt and front slit slip.