Stylish Dining - Zuma, Miami

I am frequently in Miami and always enjoy my time there.  Miami has many wonderful restaurants and my husband, Philippe and I have tried a few and over time have decided on our particular favorites.  One is Zuma, located in downtown Miami - where the food has been consistently excellent.  Although I have a real appreciation for good food, the setting is equally important, which I'm sure comes as no surprise.  Zuma's menu is a modern take on Japanese cuisine, an informal style known as Izakaya, which means dishes are meant for sharing or eaten individually.  With an atmosphere that is vibrant and fun, drawing a stylish crowd, making Zuma the perfect place to people watch.  

The interior design consists of honey-blond wood floors and tables.  Wine storage is housed in a wrought iron open grid above the bar.  There are options to dine in the bar, the dining room or outside on the terrace overlooking the bay.  I'm a big fan of the terrace, particularly for brunch because of the lovely views and as it's Miami why sit inside unless it's really humid?  This summer I also dined at Zuma in London and had an equally fabulous experience!